I have been working with wood all my life. Over the years I have designed furniture, built furniture, repaired furniture and restored furniture. I now concentrate on furniture repair.
I especially like antique restoration. The beautiful woods and craftsmanship in those pieces are a joy to work with. It is a real challenge to make the repairs in such a way as to keep the piece true to its original form. Whenever possible, I use the same species of wood, the same joinery techniques and the same finishes in the restoration process.
Much as I love those older pieces, I am also a fix it guy who dares to go where others may not. Your recliner may not be an antique but watching your TV favorite show on a slant just won’t do. I will come to your home and often can make the repairs right there and then. Sometimes I have to order parts. If I have to make the repair in my shop, I try to turn it around in a week. Antiques take longer.
I only work on small pieces that I can carry by myself. Chair repair is my specialty. I work alone and am not prepared to tackle larger pieces such as armoires, dining tables or tall chests in my shop. But if I can make a repair on site then I will happily look at your piece.
I cover from Concord to Berkeley to Hayward to Livermore. I try to coordinate your job with others in the immediate area to avoid a trip charge. If I cannot, there may be a modest fee to cover my costs to visit with you.

Lamar Spalding The Chairman 2317 Amatrice Way, Dublin, CA 94568